Gloucester Speaks

A film by Shep Abbott

In 2015, we began production on "Gloucester Speaks” in advance of our 400th Anniversary, to record in a video documentary the voices and activities of our citizens during this disruptive period of change. The reduction of traditional fish stocks and resulting strict state regulations on fishermen has led to social, cultural and economic challenges never before experienced by the oldest fishing port in America. Beginning in 1606, when Samuel de Champlain named Gloucester Harbor "Le Beauport”, Gloucester, through the voices of its citizens, speaks to the enormity of our reliance on one of the world’s greatest fisheries, revealing the towering achievements and innovations, along with the slow but sure depletion of the fishery through advances in technology and the pressure of demand, along with the effects of pollution and global warming. In this documentary, covering the eight years leading up to 2023, as well as the 400 years preceding it, the citizens tell the story of a great American City’s unique struggle to remain true to Le Beauport.

This 20 minute "Trailer” represents the breadth and flavor of "Gloucester Speaks” but not the depth of characterizations and story telling of the final feature documentary.

You can help

Our largely local, financially supported non-profit production has encouraged us to continue shooting and editing since 2015. We’re pleased by this close relationship with our hometown. Our fiscal agent is the non-profit Center for Independent Documentary (CID). To help support this film on-line, visit CID’s site here. You may also send a check in any amount to them at:

Gloucester Speaks
c/o Center for Independent Documentary
1300 Soldiers Field Road, #5
Boston, MA 02135.

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